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Based on our findings, 98% of organizations in BC leave tax money on the table while filing their GST & PST returns & rebates. We review your records to recover GST & PST that has been overlooked by staff and auditors. Fees are based solely on successful recovery.

Additional Tax Recovery

If you are already filing returns and rebates, you want to ensure it is absolutely maximized. Our service is paid for by the additional tax we recover. Many clients use this service every two or three years to ensure they are receiving their full GST & PST returns. The opportunities are often uncovered from repetitive, small mis-codings that accumulate to substantial lost tax credits over time.

Full Service GST Refund Recovery

Unlike GST Returns, Rebates are not a requirement to file and become a burden on non-profits that are already stretched for human resources. We review every single invoice your organization has paid to ensure maximum GST credits, year over year. We generally visit our client’s office annually without a multi-year commitment. As always, we apply for a B.C. PST refund if applicable.

PST Refunds

Being a local B.C. company, we have extensive experience with the B.C. PST Refund programs. We review payables that are eligible for BC PST exemption and recover any monies directly from the Ministry of Finance on your behalf. Every single organization we have worked for that are eligible for B.C. PST Refunds have not utilized the programs prior to our service.

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Establish GST Exemption Status

We have established a large number of First Nation organizations to benefit from Indian Act Tax Exemptions. If you are an organization other than a corporation and are related to any level of First Nation government, there is a good chance you can receive the same GST exemptions as the Band Councils do. Most non-profits only claim the 50% Public Service Body Rebate, but 100% GST rebates may be what you are entitled to. Don’t get buried in the endless government legislation, interpretations and bulletins – this process is included in our standard recovery services.

Self-Government Rebates

Virtually all Municipalities and First Nations with a final agreement in place already file 100% Self Government GST rebates. These organizations and those related to them may be entitled to specific issue opportunities that can result in further tax savings. These opportunities vary from client to client and are concealed in the depths of Federal and Provincial Government legislation.

First Nation Owned Limited Partnership
PST Recovery

If you operate a limited partnership and one of the partners is a First Nation, you may be eligible for PST refunds through the Consumer Taxation Branch. We have found that most of our First Nation client’s that engage in partnerships with other corporations do not utilize the PST refund programs available to them. The reach back period is four years, and there may be substantial tax savings for your new or existing venture.

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Filing GST returns is simple. However, nearly all organizations under-claim credits through small errors
and oversights that over time convert to significant costs.

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Our services are 100% funded by the tax savings realized with absolutely no-upfront costs.

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