GST & PST Tax Recovery

We are tax recovery specialists for First Nations, Municipalities, Corporations, and Non-Profit Organizations. 

Based on our findings, 98% of organizations in BC leave tax money on the table while filing their GST & PST returns & rebates. We review your records to recover GST & PST that has been overlooked by staff and auditors. Fees are based solely on successful recovery.

Focus Areas

Our tax recovery services focus mainly on GST and B.C.’s PST. Not only does a recovery result in immediate tax savings, but insights will provide substantial savings for the future for your organization.


Filing GST returns is simple. However, nearly all organizations under-claim credits through small errors and oversights that over time convert to significant costs.


There are absolutely no requirements to file PST Refunds through BC's specialized exemption programs. As a result, PST Refunds are nearly always overlooked leaving your organization paying more taxes than necessary.

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Increase your bottomline with a no-risk, no-cost tax review. We have tax savings solutions for any size organization.

Why Choose CTS


We've worked for over 120 B.C. Corporations, Non-Profits and Local Governments since 2002. We are confident that we can uncover additional tax savings for your organization.

No Cost Approach

Our fees are solely based on successful recovery. Our fees are funded through the savings realized by our service. There is no expense to your organization, only savings.

Fast & Effecient

A typical review takes less than 2 days at your office. We require only 30-60 minutes of your staff time during the entire review to understand internal processes and generate reports.

Our services are 100% funded by the tax savings realized with absolutely no-upfront costs.

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